I am writing this as i sit in the backseat of my moms SUV. We are on the way to the airport, i am headed off to Africa tonight. Ive known for about 6 months now that i would be departing for Kenya on 6.12.14 but now that it is real, and actually happening, my emotions are all over the place. I feel sad, scared, excited. This experience is amazing & i am so grateful that i am going to get the chance to teach kids in a school in Kenya about the Lord our Savior. I know that the minute i land and see all their excited faces i will feel like I’m
exactly where i am supposed to be at. I am sad because i have to leave my family who i love so much and they have supported me 110% the entire time. I am scared because I’m entering a world of the unknown. I dont know whats going to happen, i dont know that im going to be safe and protected, this trip is forcing me to have [blind faith] something i think every adult struggles with. As kids, we have blind faith and think nothing of it, i will be praying for faith like a child on this trip. & lastly i am excited. I am excited to meet all these amazing children & families & even though i am going there to work in their school & teach them, i have a feeling i will be the one who walks away changed. Until next time.

With Love,


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