Well, in my old world it would be morning right now. It would be 8:13am & i would still be sleeping in my bed all cozy and cuddled up. But I’m not in my old world, I’m on a 14 hour straight flight to Qatar. Then i have short layover, & am on a 5 hour plane ride to Kenya, Africa as a missionary. This is my first time flying (well i was like 5 the last time i flew and have no memory of it) and let me tell you, it sucks. There is no room, my knees hurt, you cant sleep to save your life… This flying thing is not for me! But, it is BEAUTIFUL. At one point if i looked to my right i would see complete darkness and the moon & if i looked to the left i would see the sunrise & an aray of pinks and oranges and reds. It was sooo awesome when we crossed that line from night in one area to morning in the next area. I have taken tons of pictures and am just taken back by Gods amazing, wonderful, beautiful creation. So excited for what God has in store for me.
Until next time,



One thought on “Morning!”

  1. Glad to hear of your safe travels!! What an incredible opportunity to be able to take girl power worldwide! Prayers and blessings!

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