A few words that describe me.

CHRISTIAN.. Feminist.. Missionary.. Leader.. Traveler..

Christian: I take my faith very seriously. Im not that kinda girl who pushes her faith on you, quotes the bible, and flaunts that I’m perfect because i have Jesus. NO. I am still finding my faith and my voice. I dont
know everything. Im not perfect. & thats exactly why i need Jesus. I haven’t read the entire bible and although I’m not going to force my beliefs on you, i hope that you take what i write about and apply it to your own lives. Jesus is with all of us, believers or not.

Feminist: Just to start off, no i am not a man hater. Thats not what a true feminist is. A feminist is someone who believes in the right to equal rights. The feminist movement was born in the civil rights movement. Being a feminist in the simplest terms is just wanting to be equal to everyone else. Wanting the same rights. This is something i am so passionate about.

Missionary: This is something i feel like i have been doing since i was a little girl. Although i am not a full time missionary, by the works i do in my own community i feel like i grew up as one. You will hear about my missionary life a lot in my posts.

Leader: Being a leader is hard for me. I am naturally strong willed and loud, but being a leader does not mean you try to tower over people. I learned about being a leader through softball and it has changed my life. I learned so many lessons that i will carry with me through my life.

Traveler: I LOVE to travel. I love being to new places, experiencing new culture, and meeting new people. Every family vacation or road trip we take i always would wander away early in the morning or late at night to just see for myself all the amazing things these places have to offer.


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