15 Things You Should Stop Saying To Girls With Tattoos

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1. “But you’re so pretty!”

I’m not sure if you’re saying girls with tattoos are less pretty, or…? (And I think my tattoos are pretty, and they make me feel pretty, which is more than I can say for your complisult.)

2. “Aren’t you worried about sagging/what they’ll look like when you get older?”

You know what I’ll look like when I get older? An awesome old lady with tattoos.

3. “I don’t usually like girls with tattoos.”

Congratulations. The tattoo-free ones are still out there. Even if you’re following this up with “… but yours are okay,” it still feels like there was some serious initial judgment.

4. “Well, I wouldn’t get that.”

Well, it’s a good thing it’s not on your body, isn’t it?

5. [if you’re a total stranger] “But what does it mean?!”

Do you realize the potential can of worms you’re opening up here? Do you…

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Adjusting to life

Hey yall..

So i haven’t posted on here recently as ive been struggling adjusting back to life. Since i last blogged, i signed up for college classes, started the process of buying a car, and even though this is a big happy time in my life, i am sadder then ive ever been….

I feel like every moment, of every day, i think about Turkana.

I miss my kids.

I miss the culture.

I miss the simplicity.

I created a bond with Samuel & Lilian that can never be broken. They are my kids, theoretically. I miss their smiles, their laughter, their energy.. I dont feel whole without them. I dont feel right not seeing them every day. I want them back in my life… I want to wake up and know in a few hours i can play with them. I want them to show me what their learning in class. I want them to just be there everyday, waiting for me, like they did everyday while i was in Africa…

I miss the culture. They are so humble and proud of everything they have, which is nothing by our standards. A wise missionary once told me that there are 5 key items to survival : Jesus, food, water, shelter, & community. Although the roads were bumpy, i miss that ride to school every morning before it got too hot, with my arm out the window & every little kid whether they were in school or not saying “how are yoou” as we drove past. These people are just surviving, and yet so much more grateful, and faithful then we are. I learned to value what you have there.

And, i miss the simplicity. I miss how these people had no running water, no plumbing, some didn’t even have clothes, yet they were okay. They were HAPPY. and they were thankful. Some were hungry, and dirty, and thirsty, but never hesitated to show off their homes. They are content and happy with how simple their lives are. I want to live in a world that simple.

Because of those 3 areas of my trip to Turkana, Kenya, Africa…
I cry at night.
I get easily upset with people here in America.
I dont feel whole.
I dont feel happy.
I dont feel like [i belong here].

I want to go back to Africa. I want to stay there forever. I want to have faith like them. I want to have pride like them. I want to have energy like them.

I want to have LIFE like them…



Well, in my old world it would be morning right now. It would be 8:13am & i would still be sleeping in my bed all cozy and cuddled up. But I’m not in my old world, I’m on a 14 hour straight flight to Qatar. Then i have short layover, & am on a 5 hour plane ride to Kenya, Africa as a missionary. This is my first time flying (well i was like 5 the last time i flew and have no memory of it) and let me tell you, it sucks. There is no room, my knees hurt, you cant sleep to save your life… This flying thing is not for me! But, it is BEAUTIFUL. At one point if i looked to my right i would see complete darkness and the moon & if i looked to the left i would see the sunrise & an aray of pinks and oranges and reds. It was sooo awesome when we crossed that line from night in one area to morning in the next area. I have taken tons of pictures and am just taken back by Gods amazing, wonderful, beautiful creation. So excited for what God has in store for me.
Until next time,



I am writing this as i sit in the backseat of my moms SUV. We are on the way to the airport, i am headed off to Africa tonight. Ive known for about 6 months now that i would be departing for Kenya on 6.12.14 but now that it is real, and actually happening, my emotions are all over the place. I feel sad, scared, excited. This experience is amazing & i am so grateful that i am going to get the chance to teach kids in a school in Kenya about the Lord our Savior. I know that the minute i land and see all their excited faces i will feel like I’m
exactly where i am supposed to be at. I am sad because i have to leave my family who i love so much and they have supported me 110% the entire time. I am scared because I’m entering a world of the unknown. I dont know whats going to happen, i dont know that im going to be safe and protected, this trip is forcing me to have [blind faith] something i think every adult struggles with. As kids, we have blind faith and think nothing of it, i will be praying for faith like a child on this trip. & lastly i am excited. I am excited to meet all these amazing children & families & even though i am going there to work in their school & teach them, i have a feeling i will be the one who walks away changed. Until next time.

With Love,


Chicago – Qatar – Africa – Kenya – Nairobi – Turkana..

Those are the places ill get to experience as i embark on my first overseas mission trip to Turkana, Kenya. For me, i feel like i have always had “missionary” in my blood. At a very young age i decided that i was going to open a homeless shelter “hotel” so that way i would never have to turn people away due to lack of space. I have always made my mother give the homeless money and we even have invited some home with us to work in the yard and eat dinner with us. I never wanted anyone to suffer. As i got older, i decided that i did not want to have natural kids when there were so many already on this planet without safe homes. I to this day want to be a foster mother. I have been involved in multiple volunteer programs such as the Lions Club, All God’s People, and the Center Against Sexual Assault. It was how i was raised and i have never regretted it. But now, as i am 48 hours away from boarding a plane with a destination like Africa, i am putting my faith, and good works to a whole new test. Africa is a scary word. People associate Africa with genocides, malaria, Kony… But the closer we get to leaving, the calmer i get. At this point, i have no worries, no fears, i feel fully equipped to take on this mission for Christ. In 2 Timothy 3:16-17 it says “All scripture is useful for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be throughly equipped for every good work.” I feel like God has throughly equipped me for this trip and for teaching these kids, this community who He is. I also feel so blessed that the Lord chose ME, to go and spread His love and His word. Me. Just a shy girl in a small town. This experience is going to be a life changer, and I’m so ready for it.